Jesus with sick girl


Kathie Budesky, IHM, MA


All four evangelists make it clear that Jesus was a miracle- worker and that working wonders was a significant part of his ministry. In many ways, Jesus’ miraculous reaching out to those in need illustrated his preaching and brought his teaching to life. In a retreat-like setting, we will examine Scriptural accounts of Jesus’ miracles and consider what his life-saving actions might mean in our own lives. The morning’s process will include input, reflection time and conversation.



Kathie Budesky, IHM


Kathie Budesky, IHM, the director of Visitation North Spirituality Center, has many years of experience in secondary  education,  both in the religious studies classroom and in the principal’s office. In 2010, she was a staff associate in the Ignatian Program in Spiritual Direction and Retreat Ministry at Guelph, Ontario.