Spiritual Spa Day

Spiritual Spa DayStep into a place of peace and quiet welcome where someone will help you listen to your own spiritual journey, suggest some reading and prayer exercises. Enjoy silence and a beautiful atmosphere for communing with your God. We hope you'll leave with a renewed sense of the beauty of the "dearest freshness deep down things."

Call for an appointment, for a half/whole day. 
Suggested offering: $50, lunch included



A Retreat for the Very Busy

Retreat for the Very BusyTailored for individuals who want to pray and to walk with God in daily life, this retreat involves a commitment to daily prayer and a weekly meeting with a spiritual director to converse about the prayer.

Call for details or to make arrangements.
Offering negotiable



Knapsack Days

Knapsack DaysOur lovely space at Visitation North is available for anyone desiring a day of quiet reflection and reading. Just bring whatever you need for a day to "let your soul catch up." Perhaps your Bible, your journal, your lunch. To ensure a "contemplative space" will be available, you'll need to call in advance.

Suggested offering: $10 − $20 
Call to reserve space