Great Women Series

Catherine of Sienna


The Middle Ages were drawing to a close and the brave new world of the Renaissance was springing to life when Catherine of Siena was born. Although she only lived to the age of thirty-three, her accomplishments were remarkable. She ranks high among mystics and spiritual writers and was one of the first two women to be honored with the title “Doctor of the Church.” This saint from Siena was known as one who “spoke truth to power” and as a result she was instrumental in ending the Avignon Papacy and establishing peace among the city-states of Italy. In this program, participants will explore Catherine’s life and achievements as well as the relevance of her example for contemporary women in the Church today.


Kathie Budesky, IHM


Kathie Budesky, IHM, the director of Visitation North Spirituality Center, has many years of experience on the secondary level, both in the religious studies classroom and in the principal’s office. In 2010, she was a staff associate in the Ignatian Program in Spiritual Direction and Retreat Ministry at Guelph, Ontario.